====== Supported by L²P-Logo ======

Following repeated requests, we have created small L²P-logos, which interested L²P users (teachers/ institutions) can embed on their websites.

There is a larger version that can be integrated well into the continous text of a web page:

<img title=„Supported by L²P“ src=„https://www2.elearning.rwth-aachen.de/medien/l2p-gross.png“ alt=““ />

A smaller version can be used as a micro-button or link in the navigation of a website. The different colors can be used as hover effects:

<img title=„Supported by L²P“ src=„https://www2.elearning.rwth-aachen.de/medien/l2p-blau.png“ alt=„Supported by L²P“ />

<img title=„Supported by L²P“ src=„https://www2.elearning.rwth-aachen.de/medien/l2p-grau.png“ alt=„Supported by L²P“ />

<img title=„Supported by L²P“ src=„https://www2.elearning.rwth-aachen.de/medien/l2p-hellgrau.png“ alt=„Supported by L²P“ />

You can download the logos here (right click→ save image …), or link directly to the URLs and HTML code on our server.